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Name Writing Universe Wiki
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Founded July 21, 2016
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Date July 26, 2016
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Hi, I created a wiki called Writing Universe -

This is a place where you can write however you like - if you are going to insert some inappropriate content, please ask me before you do. It's a silent community with the mainspace being stories, fanfictions, oneshots, etc. We use the forums as places users can report others, offer ideas to the wiki, and more. Personal stuff or clubs should go in blog posts, and talking with other users should go in talk pages or chat.

You can start out by either commenting on other stories or making your own. Once you made your own, you can update it every so often. Once in a few months to a year or few, an admin may decide to conduct a story-oversee and ask authors if they can delete abandoned stories.

The reason why this wiki is made is because I know that I can find happiness in writing and I've seen that many others do too! I feel like people going through hard times can use this wikia to write and feel better. If you aren't going through hard times, please still join! This wiki is for everyone, every age, every race, and so on and so forth.

There are currently 2 pages and it was created on July 21st 2016. One is the main page, and the other is my story. In the future, I hope there are many users and thousands of pieces of writing people can look back at and be proud of. Not only their works, but others too. Other people can have their work appreciated by many people, but mainly, them.

The best way to help out is to write. Make many of your extraordinary masterpieces - but don't abandon them by a sentence! If you feel no interest in continuing a story, request it be deleted. Another way to help is forum operations. The forums are only for ideas on constructing the wiki, reporting users, and so forth. The final way is to help out new users. Help them out if they unintentionally broke a rule, leave them a welcome message, offer guidance to them when they ask for help, or organize a time in chat for you to teach them about the wiki.

As for appointing admins: If there is a remarkable user, helping out in the ways shown above constantly, I may appoint them, or start out by giving them any of the moderator or rollback rights. If there are several admins I feel are eligible, I will hold a vote in the forums.

If you'd like to join, please click on the link, or notify me in my m-wall or in the comments.

Thank you!

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