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Wordmark Wookieepedia
Name Wookieepedia
Language English
Status Active
Articles 139,006 articles
Founded November 11, 2004
Founder WhiteBoy
Wiki data
Wiki ID 147
Hub Films
Last checked
Date December 11, 2017
Checker Theo.gustav (User)

Wookieepedia is a wiki about Star Wars. It is one of the biggest wikis of Wikia, with more than 100,000 content pages. The wiki was created in on November 11, 2004 and is with this the 147th wiki on Wikia. Besides English, it is connected with many other language versions.

Community Edit

The editors of Wookieepedia often prefer to use the Monobook skin over the standard Wikia or Oasis skin. They also opted to keep their IRC channel rather than implementing a Wikia chat, when this feature was introduced.

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