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Name Wikitubia
Language English
Status Active
Articles 8,285 articles
Founded March 16, 2006
Founder User:TownCrier
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Date January 11, 2021
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2006–2007: Creation and early years[]

Wikitubia was founded on September 25, 2006. TownCrier, the wiki's founder, requested to create the wiki on February 25, 2007, and received bureaucrat rights.[1] Regardless, September 25, 2006 is still the oldest existing date of Wikitubia's creation. Wikitubia representative Spongebob456 identified TownCrier as the wiki's founder on March 16, 2021.

Despite being the founder of Wikitubia, TownCrier never edited once on the wiki. Due to this, TownCrier was not registered as an official user of the wiki, largely contributing as to why they went unidentified for nearly 15 years.

The first page was created on March 10, 2007, The first constructive edit was performed on this page as well, on March 10, 2007, by user Machchunk2.

Around this time, Wikitubia gained little to no traffic and was very inactive and desolate.

2008–2011: Early growth[]

Around mid-2008, Wikitubia started gaining more traffic. More editors and views arrived, which resulted in the user Yowuza adopting Wikitubia. In 2009, Wikitubia reached over 1,000 pages.[2] A few users would also become admins at that time such as The thing, Flaminglawyer, and Jonpro.

In July 2011, the YouTube Poop Wiki was in the process of being merged with Wikitubia. However, later in the year in October, it was decided that it wouldn't be moved to Wikitubia and the merging was cancelled.

2012–2016: Middle development[]

By 2012, all of the bureaucrats and admins became inactive and the wiki was essentially staff-less. Around November 2012, Wikitubia was adopted for a second time by the user Applegirl. Wikitubia had anywhere from 1,000–3,000 pages at this time, though that is uncertain, as many pages were deleted around this time.

Sometime in 2013, Wikitubia would stop allowing pages to be about videos and instead focus on channels. On July 20, 2013, Wikitubia's official Twitter account was created by Purzyckij. In 2014, Purzyckij became an administrator and to this day he is the oldest staff member on Wikitubia.

In 2014, the subscriber rule went from 100 to 500 due to YouTube's new rules of having a custom URL.[3]

On March 10, 2015, Wikitubia began it's monthly poll contest called the Hall of Fame, a poll that has multiple YouTubers on it and whichever one gets the most votes becomes a Hall of Fame member. The first Hall of Fame member was Vsauce, and the latest Hall of Fame member is currently LazarBeam.

In late 2015, an administrator by the name of DarkUnknownWarrior was blocked and his rights were revoked by then bureaucrats Monochromatic, Bunny and NKpower for abusing his rights and intimidating behavior. His account was blocked 4 times after that, the final one being on September 25, 2016, the sites 10 year anniversary.[4]

2017-2019: Continuous growth[]

On December 12, 2017, Wikitubia's Discord server was created by then admin HanselElGato with the first non-staff member to join being the now-owner of the server, BoaDaSnakeMan.

Around 2018, Wikitubia only had one active Bureaucrat which was Purzyckij, and it had been like that for over a year. On December 1, 2018 Purzyckij promoted admins EpicNinjaDude37 and Zianka to bureaucrats.

On November 5, 2019, YouTuber JackSucksAtLife uploaded a video about Wikipedia and Wikitubia titled I edited my own Wikipedia to say whatever I want where he tried to make his page on Wikipedia and then went to Wikitubia's page about him and read through it as well as edited on it. After that video it led to many visiting the wiki and some vandalizing the pages. Jack has made multiple videos featuring Wikitubia since.

On December 10, 2019, Wikitubia's Twitter tweeted that if they could get 3,000 followers on twitter by the end of the year that Purzyckij would purchase a Hall of Fame Plaque for Jack and send it to him.[5] The challenge was completed and in February of 2020 Jack received the plaque.

2020-present: COVID-19 pandemic era[]

Throughout 2020, Wikitubia's page count went from around 5,000 pages to over 9,850 pages, a large page increase which also came with a much higher page view count and edits, mainly thanks to changes in leadership and the rise of ITurkishmapping. Moreover, with COVID-19 causing lockdowns and thus giving more time for users to browse the Internet, people were adding pages at a higher frequency, and the wiki sometimes even peaked at 100 new pages per week.

Around February 2020, aforementioned user ITurkishmapping started editing at a very rapid pace, with over 1,000 to 5,000 edits every week. He has amassed over 74,600 edits in total and is the current user with the most edits on Wikitubia.

Between September to early-November 2020 a group of users, mainly lead by two users called Isaac melen and MountainDewww had vandalized many Wikitubia pages. The reason originates in Isaac's desire to become a moderator but was rejected.[6] In retaliation, Isaac went on a campaign of users to vandalize and destroy pages and not only do they destroy and vandalize pages, they also swarmed the discussions with spam and hate comments. Isaac and his companions were soon blocked and they later used several sock puppet accounts between September 20, 2020 to around November 7, 2020 to vandalize as many pages as possible, however, Admins and other users soon identified it to be the same persons and the sock puppet accounts were all taken down on November 8, 2020.

On November 29, 2020, Purzyckij held up a poll for whether Wikitubia should raise the subscriber limit from 500 to 1,000.[7] It got a total of over 500 votes, and on December 17, 2020 the poll had closed and the subscriber limit was raised from 500 to 1,000 subscribers in late December 2020.[8]

On October 2021, Cluckster announced that the poll website, (The poll website where users get to pick the YouTuber for the Hall of Fame) was not functioning, which will not work until next year. The Hall of Fame is currently on a hiatus for three months until January of 2022.


  • Wikitubia has a sister wiki called "Minitubia" created by Cluckster for YouTube channels with under 1,000 subscribers.
  • According to the administrator JustLeafy, Wikitubia gains around 10,000 page views every day.[9]
  • Content Moderator, Mebh Og MacTire was the fastest person to reach 1,000 edits.
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