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External articles about corporate wikis[]

  • "Embracing the Wiki Way: Deploying a Corporate Wiki" by Leigh Dodds, Engineering Manager for the IngentaConnect web site. His detailed article on corporate wikis covers the following areas. See also his earlier post on Bootstrapping a Corporate Wiki.
    Establishing need: the Ingenta corporate wiki
    Expanding the experiment
    Choose your wiki
    Build your community
    Stay relevant
    Avoid attachments
    Lay down pathways
    Employ a gardener
    Naming is everything
    Avoiding a wiki explosion
  • Guillaume Lerouge's 9 tips for starting a corporate wiki
    Guillaume says you must "give your wiki a soul" and a sense of shared purpose. You should refer to the wiki and not start from scratch. You need to train people, provide help, and listen to them. To keep the wiki going, Guillaume suggests hiring a wiki gardener. See the article for his full list of tips, and his blog for more wiki advice.

Case studies[]