Hello. I have adopted this Wiki, because it is inactive. And, I will try to do my best to make it active! So technically, I am now the owner of this Wiki.

My Plan

I don't know if the owner left, but I'm planning on doing a big change to this Wiki.

  • I'm planning to...
    • Make articles on the most popular Wikis (Wookiepedia, etc.)
    • Recruit Users from other Wikis to come here to create articles about their Wikis.
    • Do some major page creating. Requests for Adminship. New Help pages. ETC.
    • Have a Request for Adminship system: polls.
    • Do some promoting ;-) If you are a major contributor, I'm sure I'll promote you. DragonBallZ has already been promoted.
    • And way more, but to sum it up, make some Templates and Userboxes.

Whatever you need help with, I'll help you. Editing, Administration, Templates, Codes, vandals, I'll help ya. Just post it here. If you disagree with my Plan, tell me at my talk page.

--Alxeedo TALK... or else 01:42, 14 April 2009 (UTC)

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