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Undertale has been one of my all time favorite role playing games .i also love that online nowadays there are way more different universes in the underverse.

Dust tale

dusttale is a character centered au about sans.In this universe all the characters are there papyrus,undyne,chara,toriel,frisk and is this universe sans is called dustsans.It is an au where sans grows a lust for LV so he can kill the human,so he kills the other monsters,(papyrus,undyne,chara,toriel ect),eventually getting to LV 19.He is tired of the human killing everyone so he kills all the monsters before the human can.At the beggining he feels guilt and loss for killing everyone, but overtime he only feels pure satisfaction.


blueberry is an au centered around sans.his motivations are to capture a human,so he join the royal guard.His dream is too see a human.A disadvantage is that he is almost as weak as canon sans.which he later gets denied a position in the royal guard because of this disadvantage.He is more cheerful and energetic that undertale sans.He is also very positive and loves making tacos for his friends.His stats are similar too canon papyrus that has 20 HP,20 ATK,and 20 DEF.He has similar stats to classic sans but different role.Instead of saying WOWIE! or NYEH HEH HEH like canon papyrus, Underswap says things such as MWEH HEH HEH! or WOWZERS!Underswap is more into puzzles.He also collect sci-fi figures instead of action figures.Most fans call him blueberry like I am.Cause he is cute and wears blue.

yandere swap

In this universe there is still blueberry except this time yeah you guessed it he is a yandere. His personality is similar to the sans in underswap but,he has a very obsessed and murderous side.He will do anything to keep his love safe even if it mean KILLING people.He has an obsession to any character he deeply cares about.He is one of the most popular sanses out there right now.He is more popular then his underswap counterpart.


Dream tale is a sans au connected too positive and negative emotions which in this universe are sent to the tree of feeling.This universe has too do with to aus named nightmare and dream they were created as replacements to guard the tree.And are now 504 years old.Nightmare is all about darkness and the shadows he is also about negative emotions. He wasn't always like that he ate a apple off the tree of feeling but it was a dark apple filled with negative energy,since then he has been changed forever. Meanwhile,dream is all about positivity,light and happy emotions.there are some theories claiming they are brothers.


Underfell is an au of undertale where all the good-natured monsters like papyrus are replaced with vicious versions with opposite intentions or vice versa.Such as in undertale flowey is supposed to be the antagonist ,but in underfell he wants to help you escape the underground.In this universe when frisk falls into the underground flowey is a guide rather than an evil person and king asgore is the one that instated the motto kill or be killed.In this au sans is easily flustered and irritated by flirting,puns, and having an obsession to mustard instead of ketchup the other hand papyrus is cold and has no patience for failure.Also in this au they fight each other and do not all appreciate the fact that frisk is befriending them.Instead of promising to protect the human he is dared to kill them.Instead of nice caring colors ,most characters wear black,red and gold.I would say that flowey is one of the nicest characters in underfell.

Something New

In this universe it takes place inside the genocide route where sans joins chara on their genocide.In this universe sans has no emotions and he is obsessed with blood and knifes and murder. There are 5 different interpretations of this timeline. Number one he killed chara and continued on the genocide.Number two he joined chara and created a partnered genocide.Number three He joined chara and then later decided to kill her and then he continued his genocide route.Number four he is forced to do a genocide run by chara. Number five classic sans brings back his emotions and he stops his genocide.A reminder is number 3 is the most common route.His abilities are as follows using a real knife he can cause 99 damage. Using sharp bones he can cause quite a high attack but deadly when attacked at sharp point.He also has way more Hp cause he has more determination like chara. Finally he can also reset the timeline just like chara could in Undertale.


In this timeline papyrus and sans are both in the royal guard.In this version sans has a thurst to kill frisk.Years after x tale frisk shattered the barrier xtale sans and x tale papyrus are both headed towards town hall.Undyne takes frisk and surprises them. x tale sans later tried to kill x tale frisk who was his best friend and unlike undertell they didn't kill papyrus.x tale sans fells as if his soul is getting corrupted by chara. While at a ceremony to promote peace, Sans suddenly makes an attempt to kill X-Tale Frisk and would have succeeded had XGaster not intervened. He flees, only to be caught by X-Tale Mettaton. Before he could explain to his brother, the timeline resets again, this time with the ceremony going on normally.As it turns out, both X-Event!Frisk (under the influence of X-Event!Chara) and XGaster are both fighting against each other for control of the timeline, and that this timeline was rewritten 10 times thanks to the power of overwriting. Despite showing Sans the motivation to kill him, Sans' refusal leads to a battle which ends up getting Sans his signature scar, and the name "Cross".XGaster resets the timeline, but Cross still has his scar from the battle earlier. As both him and Papyrus head out to town hall with X-Event Frisk, X-Tale Undyne tells Cross that he's no longer needed, and as he struggles against the battle that is going against him, XGaster is getting his treatment with everyone from X-Tale except Alphys. As he's dying, he reminds the X-Event that they'll never find his other half and that he'll always be watching them failing to get it in vain.Realizing his refusal, X-Event!Frisk goes back to attack XGaster, but his plan is halted after Cross enters. Cross then uses blue magic on nearly everyone except Papyrus, eventually killing them and his brother. At the mean time, XGaster asks X-Tale Alphys to store all of his entries, seeing that his death kills the universe. With the majority of the main cast dead, Cross proceeds to absorb the powers of the X-Event, which he does by taking the soul of X-Event. However, his status as a monster, and X-Tale Frisk's death from him, meant the universe was dead on arrival and he is unable to overwrite at all. That is, until he came.

in my opinion undertale was awesome and i was amazed to find all these new and cool universes i hope you enjoyed reading...........until next time i might edit some photos in....

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