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Bureaucrat/Sysop/Founder of this wikia is TH-Wonderland while the adoption-request (written in german language) was granted to re-activate this wikia and let it became even more updated by adding newer details and also including more specific older information about this band.

This Wiki refers to the german band-members, who were originally known as "Black Questionmark", including Bill and Tom (both twin-brothers), but also bassist Georg and drummer Gustav.

Later they've noticed a newspaper's post about Tom's "devilish great guitar-sound", which line inspired them to rename their band to "Devilish".

Kenneth also joins this band, but somehow never mentioned during shootings yet. Still there were some posts referring him being the second bassist next to Georg. At least Kenny was practicing with the band-guys and Georg had even plans to join another band before being a member of the Kaulitz-duo. Rarely other websites will mention Bill's autographing-session in "Flora-Park" in November 2003 or generally about the building named "Carpediem", which was Simone's studio there.

Closer details about specific interviews, photosets and shootings, both of the band's Summer -Camps & also about their latest album being named "Chateau".

Brands of the star's clothes, piercings, tattoos and hairstyles were summarized in different sections. New categories and a sortable table getting updated, same with kinda more unique combination of colours for single pages were mentioned too. Places, buildings, accessoires, and facts about their music-videos will get deeper into each info, than just refer to it and starting its next detail.

The page is written in german-language, while every fan is welcome to browse through the different parts of this Wiki, which is written by a fan referring to the sources where to find rare details. It's not just one of the common Wikis, which includes a index of simple facts and probably still mentioning Tom's Dreadlocks back in 2005 or their "newest album" being way too old to even sound new.

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