• I was finding your userpage with that "ListUsers"-section and your ranks and last edits lets me think that it could probably be okay to ask / feedback that stuff here?

    "best practices" and "case studies" were mentioned as red-links on this wikis main-page. pages will list the founder with this wiki's link instead of the actual wikia-link of that page's wiki. user MartinWildros recently adds new categories (which were not in-use here before)

    so I thought summarizing these questions / feedback somewhere and especially because of the new tags of this user, I thought it would be more useful to ask either a stuff-member because this user added not only one page with generally-new categories. maybe he's just new here, but I personally think that only existing categories should be added for pages of this wikia?

    if this place don't fit, let me know where to mention it elsewhere & hopefully it's okay to contact you here in that case?

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