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The Elder Scrolls Wiki
The Elder Scrolls Wiki
Name The Elder Scrolls Wiki
Language Russian
Status Active
Articles 14,591 articles
Founded February 12, 2007
Founder W-Norvan
Adopted August 16, 2011
Adopter Engineering
Wiki data
Wiki ID 2520
Hub Games
Last checked
Date July 31, 2016
Checker KeepingCalm (user)

The Elder Scrolls Wiki is a Russian wiki on Wikia about the game series The Elder Scrolls and other related media.

History Edit

2007–2010 Edit

The Elder Scrolls Wiki was founded on February 12, 2007 by a request of user W-Norvan. However, the founder made only 60 edits before he became inactive.[1] In the period from 2007 to 2010 the activity was almost zero. Only in 2010 Exlex got administrator rights from Wikia Staff.[2] He basically wrote articles and copied templates from his other project, Harry Potter Wiki. By that time only 100 articles were written on wiki.

2011 Edit

From April to Autumn 2011 a periodic activity was observed on the project, but on August 14 Engineering joined wiki and after few weeks adopted it [3]. After that he began to actively write articles, make templates and categories. He often consulted whit Russian Helper Kuzura and created first banners. In autumn The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim released, what contributed to an addition in audience and increase of the activity on the project.

References Edit

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