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Nowhere Boys
Nowhere Boys Wiki
Name Nowhere Boys Wiki
Language English
Status Active
Articles 190 articles
Founded January 18, 2014
Founder Nowhereboys1
Adopted December 29, 2014
Adopter Stryzzar
Wiki data
Wiki ID 904960
Hub TV
Last checked
Date July 30, 2016
Checker NoahR9 (admin)

Nowhere Boys Wiki is a wiki about the Australian teen-orientated TV series Nowhere Boys started on January 18, 2014, and officially adopted on December 29, 2014, by Stryzzar and Oscarisnotonfire (Oskiemaxi). It has approximately 200 articles, and his preparing for the upcoming third season of the show.


The editors of Nowhere Boys Wiki often prefer to use the main Wikia (Oasis) skin over the Monobook.

There are approximately five active users, including admins Stryzzar, Oscarisnotonfire, NoahR9 and Aurathegrojfan14, along with regular user Rockstar408.


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