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I Am Setsuna Wiki
Wordmark Setsuna
I Am Setsuna Wiki
Name I Am Setsuna Wiki
Language English
Status Active
Articles 64 articles
Founded February 19, 2016
Founder Yatalu
Wiki data
Wiki ID 1360070
Hub Games
Last checked
Date July 31, 2016
Checker Yatalu (founder)

I Am Setsuna Wiki is a Wikia wiki about the Japanese RPG I Am Setsuna (雪といけにえのセツナ Yuki to Ikenie no Setsuna) by Square Enix studio Tokyo RPG Factory. It was founded by Yatalu on February 19 of 2016, the day after the game's Japanese release.

History Edit

I Am Setsuna Wiki was founded on February 19, 2016 by Yatalu as Project Setsuna Wiki, since Project Setsuna was the English working title of I Am Setsuna at the time.

Anticipating and following the international release of I Am Setsuna on July 19, 2016, the wiki hit 10 articles on July 3 and 50 articles on July 29.

Languages Edit

I Am Setsuna Wiki also exists in Dutch.

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