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Hvetshran Wiki
Hvetshran Wiki
Name Hvetshran Wiki
Language English
Status Inactive
Articles 324 articles
Founded July 13, 2011
Founder Yatalu
Last checked
Date September 2, 2015
Checker Yatalu (founder)

Hvetshran Wiki is a wiki about a custom-created species for role-play purposes. This project started in 2011 and is currently well over three hundred pages. This includes information about the species itself, about the different individuals and clans, as well as a dictionary of the language they speak.


This wiki was created on July 13, 2011. It reached 6 articles in 2011, but its growth however stagnated with the inactivity of its founder. This however changed when Yatalu became active again in January of 2013, soon crossing 10 and 20 articles. In the early half of the year, the wiki reached the milestones of 100 and 200 articles, and later on in the year also of 300 articles. Since the latter half of 2013, it fell into inactivity again.


Of this wiki, several other-language versions exist as well. The following versions are available:

The biggest of this list is the Dutch Hvetshran Wiki, however with no more than 50 pages. Many of the other foreign Hvetshran Wikis did not even cross the ten articles mark.

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