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Encyclopedia Gamia
Encyclopedia Gamia
Name Encyclopedia Gamia
Language English
Status Active
Articles 25,719 articles
Founded May 5, 2006
Founder Achernar
Adopted July 9, 2014
Adopter TwoTailedFox
Wiki data
Wiki ID 4630
Hub Games
Last checked
Date July 27, 2016
Checker TwoTailedFox (bureaucrat)
Encyclopedia Gamia is an English Wikia wiki about video games. The original wiki named Encyclopedia Gamia was founded on May 5, 2006, but was merged together with several other video games wikis. Encyclopedia Gamia is the end result of the merger between Gameinfo, Cheatbase, Wikia Gaming, and Encyclopedia Gamia, with all of the Wikis being merged into what was originally Wikia Gaming. The Encyclopedia Gamia name was adopted as the combined Wiki's official name on April 17, 2012.
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