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Eläinrata Wiki
Wordmark Eläinrata
Eläinrata Wiki
Name Eläinrata Wiki
Language English
Status Semi-active
Articles 137 articles
Founded February 4, 2015
Founder Xiocene
Wiki data
Wiki ID 1124243
Hub Games
Last checked
Date August 7, 2016
Checker Yatalu (admin)

Eläinrata Wiki is an English Wikia wiki about the lore of Edia, the world from the Order of Eläinrata. This lore is created for the purpose of the Eläinrata textual role-play and as such, the wiki is created by Xiocene and maintained by Yatalu, managers of the role-play.

History Edit

The Eläinrata role-playing group was created on January 6, 2015 and a forum to accompany it was made the day after. Eläinrata Wiki was created on February 4 to more easily organize the lore and to detail the world of Edia without interrupting with the role-play.

Languages Edit

Due to the Eläinrata role-play being conducted in English, Eläinrata Wiki only exists in English and has no interlanguage links.

Design Edit

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