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Dream Fiction Wiki (/dɹim fɪkʃən wiːki/) is a fanon wiki created by Susumu Takajima as a spin-off to the Dream Logos Wiki. Founded in October 2016, the site allows users to expand their imaginations and create a fictional world of their own and allows users to have some experience of creating content that cannot be normally created on Wikipedia.

Dream Fiction Wiki was created to be the competitor to Fiction Foundry; almost a year after the site was created, one of its staff members discovered the site and compared it to Fiction Foundry. The owner created the site in order to give users more freedom on what they can create as opposed to other fanon wikis. It is also one of the most successful fanon wikis on Wikia, having 3,000 pages being created in its first year; that number has since risen to 18,000 as of December 2019.


The site was founded on October 23, 2016, by CoolGamer23, who had previously headed the GoAnimate Community and contributed content for Creation Wiki. The site was meant to be the rival of Fiction Foundry, before one of its staff members discovered the site in July 2017, almost a year after the site was created.

In February 2019, the English-language version of the site reached 10,000 pages. Ever since the wiki got to 12,000 pages, the wiki has been growing faster than ever before, creating page rate had grew to about 100 more pages created in the wiki in about almost 2 days. In May 2019, Drillimation Systems acquired Greeny Phatom Wiki for an undisclosed amount, causing the page count to rise to 14,000.

Dream Fiction Wiki along with Dream Logos Wiki was planned to be moved to Miraheze to avoid Chebbycraft34 sockpuppeting but later canceled. In late May, Ootwar accused the owner of this wiki of trying to make this wiki the largest wiki in FANDOM. Ootwar announced that they wanted to establish control over pages, the structure of pages and etc. On December 11, 2019, after a power struggle, a group consisting of Ootwar, Blue92133 and AmazingTLM got control over the wiki.

International versions[]

In June 2018, a German version of the wiki was created by Jimmy4164 on Wikia. Later that year, a Spanish version of the wiki was created by Mattigen Mase. In early 2019, the Dream Fiction Wiki along with Dream Logos Wiki ran into a crisis regarding sockpuppeteer Chebbycraft34, which ended in September 2019. In the same year, Portuguese and French versions of the site were opened. In that same year, Mattigen Mase created the Italian version of the wiki. Later, EsaïeGregoryPrickett also created an Italian version of the wiki without realizing that Mattigen Mase already created one. Also, in February of that same year, AmazingTLM created the Tagalog version of the wiki. However, most of them are lost.

On November 1, 2019, 289Kid created the Hawaiian version of the wiki.

A user on the Dream Fiction Wiki under the name of BillOfficial is planning to make a dutch version of the wiki.


Dream Logos and Fiction Wiki Discord crisis[]

On December 5, 2019, CoolGamer23, as he has done for the past few months, posted a link to a tweet relating to his video game Chuhou Joutai, which has received partial backlash for marketing in inappropriate places.

After a big argument broke out with CoolGamer23 (Driller) defending himself, Ootwar tipped off about his behavior to the official FANDOM/Gamepedia Discord server, where some of the staff members criticized his actions, but didn't do much before Ootwar eventually went further into it in a report filed to the staff through their Zendesk.

On December 7, 2019, Ootwar and Mr21stCenturySamInc started up a hashtag #BoycottDriller as a response to his actions. As a response, he first created a new channel on the Discord server, #advertisements, to combat any further backlash. However, soon afterward, Driller threatened to file reports about the members of the #BoycottDriller movement to the Discord's Trust & Safety team and then Wikia's Staff as he claimed they violated their respective sites' policies, until he was quickly silenced by Ootwar's report that he sent to the staff himself shortly before.

A cornerstone to the major flood of users entering the server was a video posted by Chrissy on the same day, featuring GuitarKid as well as Natebross, discussing Driller's problematic behavior in the same style as most commentary videos. Takajima eventually got fed up and muted the server, preventing any conversations from happening. The mute didn't extend to staff though. The following day, Ootwar announced the conversations would continue on his backup Discord server until the mute ends.

During the mute, Ootwar started to remove users from the main server since he has been given the impression of Driller not caring about the community at all. In response, Driller sent him a DM asking him to stop, otherwise he will lie about him being a pedophile. He shortly afterwards deleted the message, trying to prevent it from being reported to the Trust & Safety team. However, Ootwar managed to get the screenshot before he had a chance to delete it and posted it to Twitter simply for amusement, not planning to report the message.

According to part of Ootwar's initial research back in July, Wikia refused to remove the Chuhou Joutai-theming off the site, as Takajima's actions did not violate Wikia's Terms of Service. They stated they're just there for decorative purposes. However, Ootwar has continued to nonetheless object to allow advertising for the game, due to it being unfair to the rest of the community. Starting on December 9, Takajima announced he would be making major changes to both sites overall, while all advertisements for the game would not be removed but be difficult to find and placed behind external link warnings, as it continued to draw criticism from users and even staff themselves. These changes are still in beta and won't be finalized until they are approved by Wikia.

Wikia, however, has objected to allowing the URL to Drillimation's website be on both the Dream Logos and Fiction Wikis' wordmarks, as they were against their standards.

As a result of the site revamp, changes were made to the respective sites' Rules of Conduct, the guidelines in which all users are required to follow. Initally, this included the prohibition of protesting activities and changes to their advertising policies, but the protesting rules were deemed too strict, so Takajima did more research to further identify the real cause of the problem. He claimed that his research turned out Ootwar was being a troll and that he "fed the trolls," which is a serious offense on Wikia. However, this was nothing but absolute degrading of the BoycottDriller movement, which, while some users did use spamming and profanity as attacks, only intended to "correct the wrongs of a strict and ignorant leader" and used revolution on the side.

After the problem was taken care of, Drillimation announced they will begin to slowly unmute the server.

On December 11, 2019, CoolGamer23 was stripped from his bureaucracy rights by Sannse, putting the end of the crisis.


On December 15, 2019, Dream Fiction Wiki started its affiliate program with Ficreation, a wiki created by Ootwar's friend GingoFTW. However, after the former announced the latter as its first affiliate, it got mixed reception, mainly due to GingoFTW's history of making pornographic imagery involving underaged or underage-looking characters.

This caused a short drama between GingoFTW and another person (who will remain undisclosed), who has also taken part in this activity according to few people, however their sources remain unverified since Ootwar has not bothered to ask for proof.

Tanardo Loud Incident[]

on January 22, 2020, Ootwar created a poll about Banning Tanardo, then Tanardo went crazy and raided the DLFW Discord server, banning multiple users for not liking his favourite show, The Loud House, and begging people to draw Lincoln Loud and the next day, Tanardo was impeached from DLFW and went to Miraheze-hosted wiki, Dream World Wiki, he was banned from the DLFW Discord server.


  • The first page to be created on Dream Fiction Wiki was Drillimation Studios.
  • The user with the most edits is Eloc08.
  • The Greeny Phatom Wiki merged with Dream Fiction Wiki after Keegan left as admin.