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Name Cybersix Wiki
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Founded March 28, 2012
Founder Drakardus
Adopted June 4, 2016
Adopter TheWearyandHeavyLaden
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The Cybersix Wiki is a wiki about the Cybersix series. It was created by Founder Drakardus on March 28, 2012. He soon left the Wiki where it remained inactive for 4 years until it was finally adopted by fellow fan, TheWearyandHeavyLaden, on June 4th, 2016.

The Wiki strives to become a comprehensive and informative database surrounding the series, both for the fanbase and for newcomers. The goal is to compile all the scattered information across the interwebs and to make them easily accessible and understandable. The hopes is that this will garner more attention towards the series, and will hopefully result in the release of the Lost Media (the live-action episodes, various dubs of the animated series, and the unreleased theme songs), AND for the series to either be continued in it's animated form, or for there to be a reboot of the entire thing.


The story centers on a woman named "Cybersix". So named because she is sixth in the series of genetic experiments titled the Cyber Series, run by a mad Nazi scientist known only as Doctor Von Reichter. As a child, Cybersix was able to escape her creator's wrath to the fictitious city of Meridiana, where she found refuge for a time into her adult years. She was able to adopt a new secret identity, get her education and finally a job as a literature teacher in a delinquent high school. But as she become desperate to sustain herself with a mysterious subtance that soon runs out, she is forced to attack her fellow- yet hostile- creations. Her creator soon deduces that Cybersix must be living in the city, and thus their battle against each other begins. He sends out new experiments to destroy her, and she frequently foils his plans, while she inadvertantly saves the city as a result, protecting her new home against his tyranny.

Wiki historyEdit

The Cybersix series began as an Argentine underground comic book series in 1992. Created by writer Carlos Trillo and artist Carlos Meglia, the series ran in the comic magazine Scorpio and published by Eura Editoriale. Originally in Latin American Spanish, they were translated in Italian and French, however, they were never officially translated into English.

The comic book series was adapted into a live-action television series in 1995. The series did poorly and was soon cancelled after airing a couple episodes. The episodes are difficult to obtain and are thus considered "Lost Media".

The second and last adaptation of the series was attempted once again in 1999, which saw the series as a short-lived Saturday morning cartoon show. It was well-received, yet the show fell into obscurity. It is best known for it's international background, having been conceived in Argentina, and adapted in a series written in Canada and animated in Japan.

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