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The Cybersix Fandom Wiki is a Wiki meant to compliment its sister Wiki, the main unofficial Cybersix Wiki.


Cybersix was a popular 1992 comic book series from Argentina, it was soon adapted into a 1995 live-action television series that was received very poorly, and adapted once more as a 1999 saturday morning animated series which was released internationally and was better received.

The Cybersix series follows the titular character of Cybersix, she part of the Cyber Series, a large group of genetically-engineered super soldiers created to take over the world through force. However as the Cyber Series grew up they became rebellious children, so their creator and father, Doctor Von Reichter, had ordered their mass destruction. Only Cybersix and her brother, Cyber-29/Data-7, have survived. Cybersix was able to escape to the city of Meridiana where she lives a double life as a male literature teacher during the day, and a leather-clad super-heroine during the night. It is in the nighttime when Cybersix fights to survive against the creations sent by her creator and his clone-son, Jose. During this process she becomes the unknown protector of her adopted city.

Wiki historyEdit

The Cybersix Fandom Wiki was created on December 12, 2017. It is a more relaxed place where fans can share their ideas and works concerning the series. They can submit their fanart, fanfiction, and anything related to Cybersix!

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