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Community Central
Wordmark Community Central
Community Central
Name Community Central
Language English (mainly)
Status Active
Articles 87,814 articles
Founded 2004
Founder [[User:|]]
Last checked
Date May 29, 2014
Checker Yatalu (chat moderator)

Community Central is Wikia's main, and official wiki. It's also the central wiki on Wikia, where Wikia Staff posts updates and where users can pass by for technical help. It was not founded by a specific user as most wikis, but instead created. It exists since 2004, but has thus no person with a "founder" tag.

Language Edit

Even though English is the main and interface language of Community Central, other languages are allowed to be spoken by users individually in for instance chat and blogs.

Category Edit

Community Central does not belong to one of the categories or hubs most wikis belong to. It belongs to the "Wikia"-category, as is the case for any official wikis ran by Wikia Staff.

Management Edit

Community Central has more numerous and more frequently members of Wikia Staff, but it also has its own team of administrators and chat moderators. Even though people have been accidentally given bureaucrat rights in the past when this was meant to happen as a part of their adoption process on other wikis, the wiki has otherwise been purposefully kept without any bureaucrats.

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